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SELTEK ESTETIK PAZARLAMA ve TIC. A.S. (“SELTEK”), please read the following terms of use before using the site of http://www.seltekgroup.com website.
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Users to http://www.seltekgroup.com site access to personal information and update shared the information with SELTEK their purpose only mandated by SELTEK and can only be used to ensure the safety and consistency of SELTEK system by system administrators who are entitled to access and display system .
the people, information is shared with SELTEK, except the people endorsement or judgment and / or any third party as long as it is under a legal obligation, will not be shared because of no reason why the institutions or withheld. Legislation with this information will not be disclosed to evolve with no exception, as long as a condition that requires the disclosure of this information.

Users who visit the site to visit the site for personal use only, acknowledge that they have the right and authority to the display.
Third-party and / or outside of the material to the company, SELTEK competitive advantage, regardless of is providing all the information and all copyrights on materials, trademarks, patents, intellectual and other property rights belonging to SELTEK. All information contained in this site are under legal protection by international copyright agreements related to Intellectual Property Law. Lowering collectively SELTEK without the written permission of the site content, recording, reproduction, processing and dissemination is prohibited to attempt to do so. SELTEK has the right to take legal action against users that found that in such activities.

The information contained in this site is published with the aim of informing users. Information on the site is not a substitute for professional consultants in any way. Therefore, before using it in any manner whatsoever the information contained on this website, we recommend that you discuss with your professional adviser on the issue.
Site users, they can only operate on the site lawful purpose. SELTEK is not responsible for any direct or indirect damages that may result from using the website.

Users of any legal process, and his actions within the site belongs to them exclusively criminal or other any responsibility. Users SELTEK and / or any third party’s intellectual, personal, in a way that constitutes rape or other rights to property, the pictures contained within the site, text, audio and visual images, video clips, files, databases, catalogs and lists they reproduce, copy, they, distribute processing will, SELTEK to accept that they do not compete directly or indirectly, represent and undertake.

SELTEK users shall not be liable in any way for any losses due to the activities and transactions carried out on the site in violation of these terms of use or legislation that can stop or stop by third parties. If these activities or transactions are conferred any responsibility because SELTEK, SELTEK about users for any loss immediately that they would accept compensation, declare and undertake.
Serve continuously or in a certain way SELTEK users of the site do not guarantee in any way.

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